Global banking directory is a free global banking directory that presents information on international banks, central banks, and other financial institutions of the world, including global banking news.

Both international banks and central banks of the world play an important role in global banking and global money market operations.

Global banking can be characterized by the types of services international banks provide that distinguish them from domestic or region banks;

  1. Facilitate the imports and exports of their clients by arranging trade financing.
  2. Serve their clients by arranging for foreign exchange necessary to conduct cross-border transactions and make foreign investments.
  • Assist their clients in hedging exchange rate risk in foreign currency receivable and payable through forward and options contracts.
  • Generally also trade foreign exchange products for their own account.

Central banks (National monetary authorities) of major industrialized countries can be characterized by their frequently intervention in the foreign exchange market to influence the value of their currency relative to their trading partners. is a global banking directory that offers free listings for international banks, central banks and other financial web sites.

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